Sitecom presents the HDD TV Media Player with 2TB hard disk

With the MD-272 HDD TV Media Player 2TB, Sitecom extends its Smart Living Line and introduces a versatile Media Player that is ideal for users who want to have the freedom to access files that are stored on the network or on the built-in hard disk. With innovative features such as the support of online services and a free Media Remote App, the MD-272 lets the user enjoy the whole spectrum of digital entertainment in full HD quality.

Rotterdam (The Netherlands), November 2011 - Sitecom extends the Smart Living Line with the MD-272 HDD TV Media Player 2TB, a stylish media player that brings digital media content such as movies, music and photos to the TV screen. The MD-272 lets users easily access their media library stored on the network or on the built-in hard disk. With a storage capacity of 640,000 digital photos, 32,000 hours of digital music and 500 two-hour movies, the 2TB hard disk offers enough storage to fit the entire digital media library of most users. Moreover, with the MD-272 the user can also access all the media content that is already saved on the home network on DLNA-certified devices such as Sitecom’s Home Storage Center, a notebook or a PC. The HDD TV Media Player 2TB also supports full HD quality (1080p) and plays the most common media formats.

HDD TV Media Player 2TB | MD-272
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As part of Sitecom’s Smart Living Line, the MD-272 HDD TV Media Player 2TB was developed from a non-technical perspective with the focus on user-friendliness. The intuitive and efficient menu was fully customized by Sitecom to guarantee maximum ease-of-use. Media content is displayed in a cover flow on the TV screen so that the user can easily select and play the content he was looking for.

Because the MD-272 HDD TV Media Player 2TB is DLNA-certified, users can easily access digital photos, music and videos saved on other DLNA-certified devices on their home network. There is no need to install anything, with the MD-272 HDD TV Media Player 2TB other DLNA-devices are connected seamlessly and instantly.

Free Online Entertainment
Not only can users enjoy content from their own media library, the MD-272 also supports free online content services including Google Picasa and Flickr to view photos, YouTube XL and MediaFly to watch internet videos, vTuner to listen to internet radio stations and Yahoo StockMarketWidget and WeatherWidget to keep on top of the latest financial market and weather information.

Free Media Remote App
Next to the manual remote control that is included with the MD-272 HDD TV Media Player 2TB, Sitecom also offers the free Media Remote App. Available from the App Store as well as the Android market, the free Media Remote App turns mobile devices such as an iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone into a virtual remote control that allows the user to browse and control the content in an easy and intuitive way thanks to the one touch control, virtual keyboard and shuffle mode.


Supported Media Formats
Besides popular media formats such as MP3 for music, JPG for photos and MPG for movies, the MD-272 HDD TV Media Player 2TB also supports a series of other media formats such as video formats like MKV, Xvid, DivX and AVI, audio formats like AC3, FLAC and WMA and picture formats like GIF, TIFF and PNG.Furthermore, the MD-272 is able to read the menus of DVDs and structure of Blu-ray, so it is easy to navigate a movie and access DVD extras for example. The MD-272 provides optimal sound quality by supporting audio playback in Dolby Digital and DTS 2.0.

Connections and hard disk
The MD-272 HDD TV Media Player 2TB features a USB host port for transferring data to the built-in 2TB hard disk and two USB ports that can be used to connect for example a Wireless Media Adapter and a USB storage device such as an external hard disk. The MD-272 features a Samsung Eco Green hard disk that excels through reduced power consumption, an almost inaudible operation mode, even during heavy usage, and reduced heat development.

Package Content
For Sitecom, user-friendliness also means providing all accessories that are needed to start using the product right away. That is why the MD-272 comes equipped with all necessary equipment such as batteries for the remote control, a network cable and the cables to connect the media player to the TV.

The MD-272 HDD TV Media Player 2TB is now available and comes with the extensive 10-year Sitecom warranty. The included hard disk comes with a 2-year warranty.

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