Sitecom introduces a new USB 3.0 Hub

The new CN-070 USB 3.0 Hub 4 Port provides PCs and Notebooks with extra USB ports that support the new USB 3.0 standard, ideal for copying large multimedia files.

Rotterdam (The Netherlands), July 2012 - Sitecom introduces a new USB 3.0 Hub with 4 ports to connect several USB devices simultaneously to the PC or Notebook. The new USB standard provides a major improvement in terms of transfer speed as it is ten times faster than USB 2.0. With up to 5 Gbps transfer speed, the time copying HD movies, photos and music is kept at an absolute minimum. Still many recent PCs or Notebook come only equipped with one USB 3.0 port. The CN-070 is the ideal solution for this problem as it equips every PC or Notebook with four USB 3.0 ports to connect external hard drives, digital cameras, digital camcorders and MP3 players all at the same time.


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Next to improved transfer speed, USB 3.0 also offers greater bandwidth and lets the end-user transmit and receive data at the same time. With the 4 port hub, the end-user can for example copy images from his digital camera to the computer while he equips his MP3-Player with new music.

The CN-070 USB 3.0 Hub 4 Port comes with a power adapter to ensure sufficient power supply to USB devices that require more power than can be provided through a USB port. It is backwards compatible with USB 2.0 and 1.1 to ensure greatest compatibility. The stylish design of the hub makes it a worthy companion to the many stylish notebooks and desktop PCs and the compact size is ideal for traveling.

The CN-070 USB 3.0 Hub 4 Port is available at the end of July and comes with the extensive 10-year Sitecom warranty.

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