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New Network TV Media Player from Sitecom brings the media library from the network to the TV screen

Play digital movies, music and photos from your network on your TV

date : 19 November 2011


Sitecom introduces a Plus Switch Homeplug

Extend your existing powerline network and simultaneously connect three devices to the internet

date : 17 November 2011


Sitecom extends the Smart Living Line with 'plus socket' homeplugs

date : 20 October 2011


Sitecom introduces a Portable TV Media Player with 500GB storage

Easily take the TV Media Player with and play your stored movies, music and photos on any TV

date : 19 October 2011


Sitecom expands the Smart Living line with a series of media players

date : 13 September 2011


Sitecom introduces a new line of homeplugs

date : 19 July 2011

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