Connect a desktop PC to a wired network with Gigabit speed


With the LN-027 Network PCI Card 10/100/1000 you can easily connect your desktop PC to a wired network. At home and in the office you can create a network of several PCs by connecting them directly or by connecting them to a switch.

This makes it possible to exchange data and to share hard disks and peripherals. Moreover, this card enables a direct connection between your PC and a (modem) router.

Thanks to the Gigabit technology, sending large amounts of data via the network is made even simpler, but the Network PCI Card also guarantees a reliable network connection in combination with an existing 10/100 Mbps network.

This product comes with the extensive 10-year Sitecom warranty. Simply activate the long-term warranty by registering your product within 3 weeks of purchase.


  • PCI Bus Master technology
  • Support PCI clock up to 40MHz
  • Auto Switch 10/100/1000 network
  • PCI 2.1/2.2 Standard
  • LAN Wakeup Function and ACPI Power Saving standard
  • LED Indicator
  • Support Half duplex and Full duplex





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